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Perfect Partners What was a custom CHI Ford Mustang doing in Las Vegas? Being raffl ed off , of course! The 2018 cherry- red ride was gifted as a way to mark the new partnership between CHI and Fantastic Sams, with CHI acting as the thermal tool supplier for all Fantastic Sams salons nationwide. "We will now be off ering the Fantastic Sams network our world-famous CHI tool technology for a brand exclusively made for their stylists," explains Farouk Systems founder and president Dr. Farouk Shami. The partnership announcement was made during Fantastic Sams' annual convention, which recently took place at Sin City's Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa. Congrats to Yolly and Wayne Gillespie, franchise owners from the Raytron region, who rode off into the desert in their new 'Stang. News 108 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | DECEMBER 2018 LIKE FOLLOW FIND PIN WATCH SHARE! Engage with Beauty Launchpad social sites for exclusive content, giveaways, video tutorials, photo galleries, inspirational quotes, the best user generated images, and more! beautylaunchpad beautylaunchpad beautylaunchpad beautylaunchpad beautylaunchpad Get Scial! SOLA SUCCEEDS Sola Salon Studios is defi nitely on to something. The beloved make-your-own-hours salon franchise has caught the attention of some high-power investors: MPK Equity Partners, AHR Growth Partners and PNC Riverarch Capital have all provided signifi cant fi nancial backing to Sola after witnessing the tremendous growth in the ever-expanding hairstyling sector. Since its founding in 2004, Sola Salon Studios has grown to 11,000 beauty professionals in more than 400 locations across North America. "We're very excited as this investment and ongoing capital commitment from our new partners will provide us with signifi cant fi nancial resources and the ability to successfully and quickly deliver on key strategies and goals," shares Randall Clark, CEO of Sola Salon Studios. "This is an incredible milestone for our business and a validation not only of the Sola business model and concept, but also a milestone as the fi rst in the beauty industry in this category. We're looking forward to accelerated growth in many areas, including increased innovations; enhanced technology and resources; increase of company- owned locations; and accelerated international expansion. Most importantly, these investments will allow us to provide even more tools, support, education, and business and marketing programs to our ever-growing community of independent salon owners." Sola Salon Studios continues its ascent with rapid growth and new investors. COURTESY OF BRANDS The raffl e-ready custom CHI Ford Mustang at Fantastic Sams' annual convention helped mark the partnership between the two companies.

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