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NOVEMBER 2018 | | 73 CAREER START I hadn't considered doing hair for a living until the age of 13 when my mom got me a summer job working in a salon—then I fell in love. The people, the artistry—it was a perfect fi t. SUCCESS SECRET Set achievable goals and check in for frequent reevaluations. After working in a salon, I knew I needed an agent. The next step was to move to Paris to immerse myself in the world of fashion and editorial. Then I set my sights on New York for celebrity and campaign work. Focus on the next right move to make everything feel less overwhelming. CELEB CLIENTS Kendall, Kylie and Kris Jenner; Khloé, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian; Susan Sarandon TYPICAL DAY I meditate after waking up, drink coffee, then head to see clients. My job requires great stamina, so often I'll meet with my trainer to keep me in the best possible shape. Other days I'll go to therapy. We're used to helping others in this service industry, so practicing self-care is essential. LOOK I LOVE Kylie Jenner's slightly messy bun for the 2018 Met Gala. The look was simple yet chic. I love the sophistication of hair that isn't overdone. TIP FOR NEWBIES Don't compare yourself to others. We're all on our own personal journeys, so turn that energy inward. CAREER START I didn't set out to be a stylist—I wanted to play football for the Dallas Cowboys. Only after realizing that my heart wasn't in the sport did I discover my true calling. SUCCESS SECRET Look for every opportunity, then charge toward it. CELEB CLIENTS Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Brosnahan, Melissa McCarthy, Tessa Thompson TYPICAL DAY One morning I can be shooting a cover, then cutting a client's hair that night. I might work on a formula for my new line, Starring by Ted Gibson, or do a makeover for a magazine editorial or TV show. LOOK I LOVE It's always fun to see Melissa McCarthy look effortlessly cool. TIP FOR NEWBIES Don't tell your clients' secrets. CAREER START At age fi ve, it was clear to me that I would be a stylist. I love hair and treat it with respect. SUCCESS SECRET Work hard and trust in your abilities. CELEB CLIENTS Cate Blanchett, Marion Cotillard, Heidi Klum, Dita Von Teese TYPICAL DAY My work requires a lot of travel. When I'm not fl ying, I always have an early start time at the studio. If I'm working on a celebrity, I'll remain on-call for touch-ups. Fashion shoots require multiple hair changes, which are fun to conceive and execute. LOOK I LOVE I'm a big fan of sumptuous, luscious hair. It's the reason my haircare line, Iles Formula, was born. I love when Heidi Klum's wavy hair looks like it appears effortless. TIP FOR NEWBIES Don't use too much hairspray. It will hold your look frigidly in place until the moment you try to brush through and reshape it. Ted Gibson @tedgibson CA for go I fe pe SU an Af ag im ed ce n o C a and Kourtney Kardashian; Susan Sarandon Wendy Iles @wendyiles_hair Andrew Fitzsimons @andrewfi tzsimons COURTESY OF STYLISTS; MELISSA: VIVIEN KILLILEA/GETTY IMAGES; KYLIE: NIELSON BERNARD/GETTY IMAGES; HEIDI: ROBERT KAMAU/GC IMAGES

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