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NOVEMBER 2018 | | 71 CAREER START I didn't want to be a stylist; I was supposed to become a cosmetic surgeon. But after graduating valedictorian at my high school and receiving a full college scholarship, my life took a downward spiral. With help from friends, I was guided to beauty school. Today I'm incredibly grateful for this rewarding career, though I do at times still struggle with the identity of being a hairdresser. SUCCESS SECRET Arrival doesn't exist. The more I learn, the more I understand how little I know. Make every day a new beginning. CELEB CLIENTS Rashida Jones, Sienna Miller, Winona Ryder, Marisa Tomei TYPICAL DAY It almost always starts with a fl ight, whether shooting a magazine cover, TV commercial, editorial or celebrity. Sometimes I play bodyguard—I'm not a small guy, so I make a good protector. If lucky, my day will end with me next to my wife. LOOK I LOVE Jenna Dewan's glass hair. It became the cover image for many articles about that look, which has now gone viral. I always lock it in with Seven Gazar Polish Balm on the fi rst inch of roots to tame the fl yaways that inevitably stand straight up to the part. TIP FOR NEWBIES Master the art of self-forgetfulness. When others come fi rst, success will follow. CAREER START I was a nanny before going to beauty school, but by my late twenties I'd pretty much decided what I wanted to do. SUCCESS SECRET Education. I never stop learning, experimenting or teaching others. CELEB CLIENTS Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Stone TYPICAL DAY Some days I'll work on 35 clients, which sounds crazy, but that's when I'm in my zone, collaborating with the fi nely tuned machine that is my team. My clients are like family. There's always a lot to laugh and talk about. I travel so much that being in my salon feels like coming home. LOOK I LOVE I have so many clients that I change up for movie roles, which is always fun, but I think the most thrilling for me was when I took Khloé Kardashian platinum blonde. It wasn't for a movie role or magazine editorial—it was just for her. TIP FOR NEWBIES Don't think you have a magic wand that can make great color appear. It takes practice and ongoing education. CAREER START Being a stylist is the only job I've ever had. I started cutting hair at home when I was nine, and apprenticed for a salon at age 15 while fi nishing high school. SUCCESS SECRET Research every look and trend and understand each reference. Shadow people you respect; soak it all up. Then create your own style by combining pieces of what you love most. CELEB CLIENTS Lauren Conrad, Lucy Hale, Lili Reinhart TYPICAL DAY At 8:30 a.m. I meet with my team in the LA offi ce, and we make calls to our counterparts in New York. Then I pack my suitcase and go to a job. In the evening, I see clients in my private salon or shoot content and tutorials until the sun goes down. LOOK I LOVE The fi rst time I chopped off Lauren Conrad's hair in 2014. It was exciting and felt like such a new look. TIP FOR NEWBIES Don't badmouth other stylists. This industry is very small. Be genuine and kind. Cash Lawless @cashlawlesshair o T w Kristin Ess @kristin_ess Tracey Cunningham @traceycunningham1 COURTESY OF STYLISTS; JENNA: INSTAGRAM; LAUREN: MICHAEL STEWART/GETTY IMAGES

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