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TRENDSETTERS Runway Report A dual-texture ponytail shines—especially when playing peekaboo with a turtleneck. —KARIE L. FROST JASON CARTER RINALDI FOR MOROCCANOIL (2); VICTOR VIRGILE/GETTY IMAGES 20 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | NOVEMBER 2018 BACKSTAGE 411 THE INSPIRATION: Chic nomads on a spiritual journey through the Himalayas to Tibet. HERO PRODUCT: Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray builds up texture where it's needed. KEY STEP: The four-fi nger skim, which lends an unfussy fi nish to the shellacked crown, is a must. Pony Show W hen a cozy turtleneck threatens to swallow one whole, what kind of hair should you create to A) soften the look, B) modernize the beauty and C) keep it functionally chic? For Moroccanoil (@moroccanoilpro) global ambassador Antonio Corral Calero, a ponytail does just the trick at the Vivienne Tam show. But before you roll your eyes at the seeming simplicity of this staple style, Corral Calero explains that this isn't any old pony. "We have a contrast of textures in this ponytail," he says, pointing to the extreme shine at the crown and the fuzzy fi nish of the actual tail. To achieve this look, Corral Calero emulsifi es Mending Infusion in his hands and smoothes it over the top layer of hair from roots to crown, creating a "lacquer-like" fi nish. As he brushes hair with the Ceramic Paddle Brush, he notes that Mending Infusion does more than impart a mirror fi nish; it also nourishes hair and shields it from further damage. "For [Moroccanoil], it's not about just styling the hair so that the models look good, we also want to protect the hair," he adds. Once the ponytail is secured, Corral Calero defi es logic and musses the slicked crown by skimming four of his fi ngers over it, untucking bits and pieces as he goes for a more carefree appearance to refl ect the muse of the show: a nomadic traveler on a spiritual journey. Finally, Corral Calero pumps up fullness and texture with a spray down of Dry Texture Spray over the entire head, fl uffi ng the ponytail as he goes. Once the backstage dressers tug the turtlenecks up to just below the models' eyes, the textured tail remains unfettered—a "free" style that's anything but simple. OPPOSING TEXTURES Hair is sleek in the front and textured in the back.

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