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92 The Colorist | OCTOBER 2018 | CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: COURTESY OF PRODUCT CLUB; COURTESY OF COLOR DESIGN; COURTESY OF LAKMÉ; GETTY IMAGES PAINT THE TOWN RED Fall is one of the best times to give locks a new red color to mark the coming of a new season. ★ Product Club artistic team member Toni Garcia-Jackson gave her client, who has level 4 natural wavy hair, this show-stopping red shade. @productclub To create a more visually interesting look, apply Formulas B and C at higher and lower points of contact throughout the hair. Additionally, randomly select a few ¼-inch sections and apply Formulas B and C from mid-shafts to ends, leaving out Formula A, the base shade. TIP: FALL FIRE Heat things up with this hot hue, courtesy of ★ Color Design educator Maria Gallicchio. The multidimensional color will keep your client's look warm throughout the colder months. @colordesignhair 1 Apply a few foils on the top of the hair using Violet Powder Lightener mixed with 7-vol. developer to create dimension. 2 Mix Dark Copper Blonde 6.4/6C with 20-vol. developer (1:1.5) and apply to natural level 5 regrowth between foils. Apply the same formula to mid-shafts and ends. Process for 35 minutes. After processing, use Reconstruction Shampoo to rebuild strength and add shine. 3 Mix Ammonia Free Light Copper Blonde 8.4/8C with 7-vol. developer (1:1.5) and use as an overlay on damp hair and process for 20 minutes. For increased sheen and strength, complete color service with Reconstruction Shampoo, Oil and Mask. FORMULA A • 6CR + 6VL FORMULA B • 7CC + 6VL FORMULA C • Mixtone PP + VR 1 Separate hair into fi ve sections with Grip Clips. Section the back from the front by parting from ear to ear over the crown. Create another section in the back above the occipital. 2 Subdivide the front into three sections using the high recession as your guide for the top. 3 Starting in the back section, part down the middle to create two smaller sections. Using Curved Thermal Balayage Strips, feather in the lightener with diagonal back slices, leaving out the area closest to the scalp. Repeat this application on each section. 4 Lift the hair to a level 7 or 8. 5 Apply Formula A (base shade) to the mid-shafts, alternating Formulas B and C on the ends. BASE FORMULA • 5/00 + 6/17 + 5/60 1 Apply Gloss Emulsion Long Lasting at the roots and pull to the middle of the hair, then through to the ends. 2 Do a full balayage, taking zigzag sections on a diagonal in an upside-down "v" in the back, and paint in steep "v" sections with feathering in the middle. Process for one hour. GLOSS FORMULA • 6/17 + 7/13 + 8/17 1 Rinse completely and towel-dry hair. Tone and gloss. Process for 10 to 15 minutes. SUN-KISSED STRANDS This look was created by ★ Lakmé stylist Oanh Nguyen, whose client wanted to go more natural after having red- violet hair for many years. @lakmeusa

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