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FROM TOP: COURTESY OF JOHN PAUL MITCHELL SYSTEMS; COURTESY OF SCRUPLES; GETTY IMAGES 88 The Colorist | OCTOBER 2018 | WHAT A GEM Jewel tones intensify an already statement-making head of curls in amethyst. Flaunting an array of soft violet hues within the broad Paul Mitchell color palette, the shades were designed to harmonize with the model's natural hair texture. "After swatching a palette of deep plum, lilac and periwinkle, I chose ice mint as a wild card shade to expose the different intensities of the violets," says Heather Ka'anoi, ★ John Paul Mitchell Systems artistic director. "The end result resembled an amethyst gem." @paulmitchellus BLONDING FORMULA 1 scoop Dual- Purpose Lightener + 20-vol. Cream Developer 1.75oz. (50g./ml.) FORMULA 1 The color XG 6V (6/6) 1oz. (30g./ml.) + Violet Intensifi er (0/66) 1-inch + 10- vol. Cream Developer 1.5oz. (45g./ml.) FORMULA 2 POP XG Tropical Blue 1 part + Pink Flamingo 1 part + Steel 1 part FORMULA 3 The color XG 9G (9/3) 1oz. (30g./ml.) + Green Intensifi er (0/22) 1-inch + 5-vol. Cream Developer 1.5 (45g./ml.) FORMULA 4 The Demi 3VR (3/64) 0.5oz. (15g./ml.) + 9V (9/6) 0.5oz. (15g./ ml.) + 9PA (9/81) 0.5oz. (15g./ml.) + Processing Liquid 1.5oz. (45g./ml.) FORMULA Natural Level: 5 FORMULA 1 • 1 part Power Blonde 9+ Lightener • 1 part Pure Oxi 30-vol. Creme Developer FORMULA 2 • 1 part Power Blonde 9+ Lightener • 2 parts Pure Oxi 20-vol. Creme Developer FORMULA 3 • 5oz. (two tubes) of Urban Shock Color Craze Yellow with a line (about an inch) of Urban Shock Color Craze Orange 1 Apply a virgin color application technique, sectioning off into four quadrants. 2 Apply Formula 1, making sure to apply a half inch away from the scalp. 3 Once the mid-shafts and ends have reached almost 90 percent of the desired level, go through and retouch the roots using Formula 2. 4 Process at room temperature for 25 minutes on ends and 20 minutes on scalp. Avoid heat and always keep a close eye on your lightener to avoid over- processing. 5 Utilizing the natural remaining pigment at a level 8, apply Formula 3 on freshly shampooed and dried hair. 6 Process for 25 minutes and rinse with cool water. MIGHTY MARIGOLD Add shock factor to her look with this bold combination of yellow and orange. ★ Scruples artist Kristina Cheeseman shares her formula for creating this electric shade. @scrupleshair

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