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KNOWING HOW TO PROPERLY STYLE CURLY hair is a skill set in and of itself—and one that is integral for all stylists to have in their arsenal. Enter Georgia Reed: The Malibu C (@malibucpro) educator is passionate about properly tending to the curly fl ock, and believes texture education should be at the forefront of the professional beauty industry. Though many stylists experience trepidation when fi rst learning to work with textured tendrils, Reed has a few tips to help alleviate initial nerves. "When looking at curly texture, try to visualize where you want to decrease weight and build volume to create the desired shape," she advises. "Observing the client's hair in her natural state, take single curls and trim, keeping the shape of the coils in mind for bounce-back. I recommend building shape starting in the back of the head at the nape of the neck, working toward the sides, and then to the top. When trying to boost curl defi nition, I often opt for an oil—I like Kenra Professional Platinum Revive Oil—and work the product through extremely small strand sections to smooth the cuticle and enhance shine and defi nition." Reed shares the details on how she achieved the curly look featured here: STYLIST: GEORGIA REED; MAKEUP: SAVANNAH MILNER; PHOTOGRAPHER: CORY SORENSEN; PRODUCTS: COURTESY OF MALIBU C I fi rst assessed the model's curls in their natural state according to how she said she wore her hair every day; then, we discussed what her goals were as far as shape. I used my shears—starting at the nape of the neck and working outward toward each side—and was careful not to pull the curls as I cut to ensure I achieved the desired length (if you pull the curls while cutting, they'll revert back to their normal size, and you'll end up with a shorter length than intended). Also during cutting, I took each curl individually and cut at the bend of the curl. For my model, I held the shears at a 90-degree angle to build volume. Tip: Make sure to step back during the cutting process a few times to visualize your desired shape and maintain symmetry. Once the cut was complete, I applied Kenra Professional Platinum Revive Oil and worked the product into the curls, twisting each ringlet around my fi nger in the direction of the curl pattern, to anchor the shape. This also adds luminosity to strands for a polished fi nish. Note: Apply styling products onto very damp hair, and always work in a downward motion to ensure the cuticle remains as smooth as possible. 01 02 03 In-Salon Curl Care Use the Malibu C Malibu MakeOver system to rid hair of any mineral buildup that could alter curl shape and pattern prior to cutting. At-Home Curl Care Advise that clients use the Malibu C Texture Infusion Kit at home. The shampoo is formulated with a gentle surfactant that provides amazing lather, while the conditioner contains moisturizing agents that help keep textured hair in top form with intense shine and movability. The Texture Infusion Kit can also be customized with the Malibu C Concentr8 Colour Pigments if the client has textured tresses that are colored. "When working with curly texture, visualize where you want to decrease weight and build volume to create the fi nal shape." —Georgia Reed Take Note!

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