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12 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | OCTOBER 2018 Editor's Notebook F or the fi rst time, my three-and-a-half-year-old son recently questioned my age. When I asked him his guess as to how old I was, he answered with certainty: "14." My immediate reaction to this dramatically younger estimate was one of gratitude. Yet as I refl ected on this moment hours later, I couldn't help but evaluate my initial response. If my toddler had replied with an age signifi cantly older than my own, would my reaction have been negative? Probably. Why? In today's world, it's absurd to put stock in one's "age" in terms of a specifi c number for myriad reasons. For one, there's that oft-cited adage, "You're only as old as you feel." Which is quite true: I don't feel like I'm old enough to have fi ne lines. (But I am. And I do. And that's OK.) Furthermore, in today's world there are practically limitless means to assist in halting the effects of time. Enter a major theme in this month's issue: antiaging. If you turn to page 60, you'll learn all about top noninvasive hair, skin, lash and nail products that'll help your client combat the clock. And if you're seeking other ways to up your client's beauty game, be sure to check out page 64, where you'll fi nd the savviest high-tech styling tools to ensure that her tresses stand the test of time—or at the very least, give her one heck of a good hair day. Thanks to an industry built on continuous beauty advancements, age can' t be defi ned by a number. The Numbers Game ALYSON OSTERMAN-KERR, Executive Editor @alysonosterman COURTESY OF JOHN PAUL MITCHELL SYSTEMS On My Mind While recently chatting with John Paul Mitchell Systems corporate culture ambassador Mara Gourdine, we landed on the topic of burnout, and how to best stay inspired when life's everyday demands and occurrences often seem so draining. How does Mara heal from within? "I try to visualize negative energy—things that make me sad or weaken my confi dence and resolve—as though they were leaks that have been sprung in a boat," she shares. "Then, I conceptualize two or so 'patches'— something that makes me truly happy or accomplishments that I'm proud of—that help to 'plug' the leaks and mend whatever is weighing me down." I love this idea of conceptualizing negative energy, and since our discussion, have been utilizing this visualization technique in my own life. Positive thinking: a relatively simple tool, but one that holds immeasurable power. MARA GOURDINE

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