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SEPTEMBER 2018 | | 77 Stars behind the shade: FERGIE, KYLIE JENNER Why It's Hot: Ultraviolet blue is a showstopper. "Here's a sure way to make yourself the focal point of any room," laughs Caruso. "It's vibrant, fun and feminine in a punk-rock kind of way." Harsche believes the blends of dark and neon blue make it wearable for all, whether sported as one solid color or as accent tips. Faux Pas To Avoid: Natural inclination may be to apply this dye over a dark base, but that mutes the vibrancy of cobalt and indigo, unless hair is seen directly in the sunlight. "The trick is to actually pre-lighten to a golden stage, so as to maximize full impact and intensity," discloses Kristen Linares, Product Club colorist. Ditto for painting blue hues on hair not lifted high enough. "In order to create a true deep blue, you must lift the strands past yellow," says Epstein. Tammy Mixon, Farouk Systems global board artist, explains why: "If hair has too much yellow, you'll end up with a greenish cast, since yellow and blue make green." Why Our Artists Predict Its Rise: Also known as unicorn strands, ghosted hair and a walking hologram, opal manes blend iridescent pink, blue, green or violet tints over a pearly base. "It's like gazing into a kaleidoscope," marvels Lisa Warren, Eufora national trainer. "The possibilities are endless." Consider it a natural progression from intense fantasy hues to a more mainstream version of that trend. "Overall effects may range from subtle to bold, which is another reason opal has become so popular," reveals Linares. Further, the versatile look fades easily back to blonde. On the Verge: Opal Hair feel the blues INSTAGRAM fergie Kylie Jenner @rossmichaelssalon @stylemehairdressingltd @stylemehairdressingltd

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