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Deepshine White Luminating Powder Lightener + Deepshine 20-vol. Developer 1 Treat as a virgin application by applying formula to mid-shafts and ends, then regrowth. If needed, apply as a spot treatment to get as even of a canvas as possible before toning. 2 Once the hair is lifted evenly to a pale blonde, tone with equal parts Deepshine Gloss 9A and Deepshine Clear to achieve a pristine pale color. Cool as Ice Who says white can't be worn after Labor Day? This icy tone is a supreme segue as your clients transition from summer to fall. Seamless translucency is the most diffi cult to achieve when going blonde, which is why the ★ Rusk team suggests the low and slow approach. Read on to discover a simple yet effective process for achieving a white-blonde color that will look cool all season long. @ruskhaircare CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: COURTESY OF MALIBU C; COURTESY OF MATRIX; COURTESY OF RUSK 60 The Colorist | AUGUST 2018 | COLOR FORMULAS FORMULA A 1 scoop Light Master + 20-vol. Cream Developer + BOND ULtim8 FORMULA B Color Sync Rose Gold FORMULA C 2:1 Color Sync Rose Gold and Clear FORMULA D 2:1 Color Sync Clear and Rose Gold FORMULA E 3:1 Color Sync Clear and Rose Gold PRE-LIGHTEN 1 Section the hair in four quadrants. 2 Working with ¹/ 8-inch subsections, apply Formula A starting ½-inch away from the scalp and pulling through mid-lengths and ends. 3 Process until two-thirds of the desired Rose Glow This blushing blonde will have clients in the mood for rosé all day. ★ Matrix artists Adam and Michelle Ciaccia collaborated on this fl axen pastel look to create an ideal summertime shade. @matrix lightness is achieved. 4 Mix a fresh batch of Formula A and apply to the scalp area. Process accordingly. Time up to 50 minutes at room temperature. Rinse thoroughly. 5 Cleanse with shampoo, then dry. COLOR APPLICATION 1 Resection the hair into four quadrants. 2 Apply Formula B to the undercut area, then working in the two back quadrants, apply Formula C from the scalp to the ends. 3 In the two front sections, apply Formula D to new growth. 4 Apply Formula E to remaining mid-lengths and ends. 5 Process up to 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. 6 Apply BOND Ultim8 Step 2 Sealer for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, cleanse and condition. Dimensional Blonde This stunning shade was created by ★ Malibu C artist Georgia Reed. Here, she shares her how-to for replicating this multidimensional look for clients. @malibucpro 1 Shampoo thoroughly to remove resins and surface buildup. 2 Apply one packet of Malibu C Crystal Gel with 2 oz. of water. Apply to one-inch sections, and massage in. 3 Place hair under a heat cap for 45 minutes. When time is up, shampoo again. Do not condition. Rinse and blow-dry. 4 Mix Trionics KO and Trionics Lift Thru 1:1. Starting at the occipital with a horizontal parting, take diagonal back partings off of that to create a triangle. Then paint in slants up the back of the head. 5 Moving on to the two front sections (from top of the head to behind the ear), utilize diagonal back and front sections, working in a corrugated pattern. Paint slats and a few full panel pieces to elicit a babylights effect. 6 Cover with Sunlights Balayage Balay Wrap and process for 45-50 minutes. 7 Mix up Malibu C Crystal Gel again with 2 oz. of water and a few drops of Malibu C Concentr8 blue pigment. This stops oxidation and helps pre- tone the hair. Massage in for 60 seconds. 8 Rinse and apply Pulp Riot Silver Toner. Process for fi ve minutes. Rinse, and stop oxidation one last time with Malibu C Crystal Gel for 60 seconds. Rinse and apply Malibu C Illumin8 Conditioner.

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