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34 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | SEPTEMBER 2018 Live & Learn/ Profi les My main goal with the company is: To breathe life into the lived-in color mantra, because it's not just a look—it's a lifestyle. The reason I chose to join this brand is: I've been using Redken since the beginning, so what better company to team up with? Redken is striving to change the hair game, just like I am. I get inspired by: Natural, sun-kissed kids' hair color. I'm happiest when: I'm with my family. My favorite way to unwind is: Disconnecting—I feel that it's extremely important for any individual to take time in the day, even if it's just fi ve minutes, to turn off social media. My top vacation destination is: Mexico City. My favorite fi lm is: Amores Perros. My favorite song is: That's a hard one! It really depends on my mood. My Starbucks order is: I like black coffee with a hint of vanilla and some oat milk. I work in professional beauty because: I should rephrase that, as I am beyond lucky to work in professional beauty. I came from an entirely different way of life in East Los Angeles, and going to cosmetology school was my way of creating a different life for myself. Success came from falling into what I love, years of hard work, having a vision, believing in myself, remembering to have fun, and having the best clients in the world. JOHNNY RAMIREZ, brand ambassador for Redken Angel of Independence in Mexico City COURTESY OF REDKEN; GETTY IMAGES / + 1 -407 720-5626 / / @nutridose.usa N E W ! B T X 2 E X P R E S S ¨Stronger and brighter hair from the root¨ APPLE STEM CELLS FORTIFIES - REGENERATE FRENCH PLUM OIL MAXIMUM BRIGHTNESS -RICH IN OMEGA 6 AND 9 VEGE-KERATIN PROVIDES ELASTICITY IN TRIPLE BLEACHED HAIR @ a T EM C ELL S G ENERAT E PL U M O I L A 6 AND 9 G E-KERATIN AC HED HAI R MADE IN USA Protects hair from harsh salon processes / Paraben-free - Formaldehyde-free / Vegan, Non-gmo

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