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6 | MASTER CLASS | AUGUST 2018 LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS The history of barbering is long and storied. Men in ancient Greece liked to gather in the town public square to debate philosophy while having their beards groomed. The Romans codifi ed the practice and took it one step further. They were fi rst to coin the term tonsor—aka barber. Regular appointments became vital as a visit to the public baths. As the profession evolved, so too did its accompanying regulations. A Chicago entrepreneur named A.B. Moler founded the fi rst offi cial U.S. school for barbers in 1893. Branches soon sprouted from coast to coast, with shops serving as more than simple shave stations. Nowadays, they've become hubs where humans gather to exchange ideas and share thoughts. Here, we explore the particulars of what it takes to become a present-day tonsorial artist. LEARN THE INS AND OUTS OF BECOMING A BARBER IN TODAY'S MODERN AGE. // by FRANCESCA MOISIN GETTING LICENSED Unlike rogue barber-surgeons of the Middle Ages who could trim whiskers while administering the ancient practice of leeching, modern barbers must be accredited—and there's no calling for bloodletting. As with other beauty or health industry professions, all 50 states mandate that a barber must fi rst acquire a license before he or she can practice the services of this hair trade. Apart from ensuring highest levels of customer safety, such strictures have standardized the fi eld, making it possible to obtain consistent service whether you're in Portland, Oregon, or Portland, Maine. Licensure qualifi cations differ from state to state, but typically one must be of minimum age (usually 18), submit proof of a high school diploma or GED, and complete training at a certifi ed barbering institution. (A few states GETTY IMAGES

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