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18 | MASTER CLASS | AUGUST 2018 TechSeries and Road Trip American Crew's Road Trip event is defi ned by education, inspiration and community. The brand's vision is to create an inspiring community for barbers and salon professionals to learn, share and network with each other. Also new from the brand is the TechSeries product range, which ensures a vast amount of styling possibilities. EDUCATOR SPOTLIGHT: Paul Wilson (@paulwilsoncrew) American Crew artistic director Paul Wilson is a longtime member of the American Crew artistic team, as well as a salon owner of 15 years. He co-owns and is creative director of Art + Science Salons in Chicago and Evanston, Illinois. Can you share your thoughts on the American Crew TechSeries line? TechSeries supports the newer direction in men's hair—we are getting away from the super groomed, heavy pomade fi nishes. With the additional length and texture that is coming back into the mix, I think TechSeries as a group of products supports the story brilliantly. The line gives you maximum versatility; you can apply the Texture Foam, the Control Foam and the Boost Spray onto wet or dry hair. I treat each person that sits in my chair as a completely blank canvas, so I tend to use all three products differently or layered, based on the client's hair type and the look I'm trying to achieve. Do you have any special tips or tricks you can share? Layer these products—you get a build-up mechanism going on without making the hair feel like it's overdone. That's what I love most about the whole DETAILS REGISTER LOCATION Stereo Garden Event Center 9 Railroad Avenue, Patchogue New York 11772 INSTAGRAM @americancrew POWERED BY HIGH-QUALITY GROOMING PRODUCTS MEET UNIQUE EDUCATION IN AMERICAN CREW'S TECHSERIES LINE AND ROAD TRIP EDUCATION EVENT. COURTESY OF AMERICAN CREW American Crew concept of TechSeries: the grouping of products. I love the versatile textures they work to create. Are you seeing any style trends that TechSeries can help achieve? Oh my goodness, it's like everything we are doing with imagery from the American Crew Style For The Road campaign and our American Crew Road Trip. The hair in the campaign is supported by the performance of TechSeries. Speaking of the American Crew Road Trip, what are you most looking forward to with this big event, taking place on August 19 in Patchogue, New York? We've never done anything like this Road Trip event—the collaborative aspect is thrilling! It's going to be cool to work with a bunch of diverse stylists— from Mark Bustos to Richard Mannah— as well as those from our own American Crew team, like David Raccuglia. Hearing their perspectives regarding the men's business will be really refreshing. We've been conveying a message in our own voice for so long; we're excited to have a platform for other industry experts to join us so we can share together and learn from each other. What can attendees expect to learn from this night of inspiration, education and engagement? I feel that between the information attendees are going to get from David, myself, Mark and Richard, there is no way they can walk out the door and not be completely excited about what's happening in the men's industry. They will be armed with all of the knowledge needed to grow their business. NEXT UP: ROAD TRIP August 19

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