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AUGUST 2018 | MASTER CLASS | 17 Sure, your Instagram feed may be pretty to look at, but does it engage followers and encourage interaction—both on the feed and in real life? If not, you may have skipped one of the most important keys to Instagram success: calls to action. Here, Meyer shares tips that will spark engagement. USE YOUR BIO. Offering a promotion? Want prospective clients to read about your services? Direct them in your bio. "We always have a call to action plan in our bio, usually focused on shows and ticket sales for our online academy or leading to a website," she says. INSPIRE RATHER THAN SELL. Stay away from "sales speak" in your feed posts. "We focus on inspiration," she notes. SWIPE UP. The "Swipe Up" option in Instagram Stories inspires curiosity and gives people the opportunity to engage. "It doesn't feel as sales-oriented because followers can decide if they want to see it or not," she says. ASK QUESTIONS. Simply post a question that asks the follower to engage with the post. "This really helps to create a feeling of community!" she exclaims. "Y.O.G.O.W.U.P.I.—You Only Get Out What You Put In," she laughs. "If you truly want to grow your social, you need to not only create a solid plan, but also dedicate the time to executing it." That includes creating content, engaging with others and—you guessed it—planning out when to post. There's no perfect equation, but most pros agree that staying consistent with a post a day will help you grow. If you feel you don't have the time, take solace in the fact that post-scheduling apps like Later and HootSuite allow you to schedule posts in advance. "Most Instagram stars that kick butt use a mix of prescheduled and timely content so that there is never the pressure to post just because it's been too long and you've got to get something up today," shares Seva. PRACTICE PROMOTION "If there is one thing I want every stylist or salon owner to walk away with, it's that social media success isn't about how many followers you have, but rather what you do with your following that counts," Seva says. That means using your Instagram to promote your business! Follow trade outlets like @beautylaunchpad to learn what they're posting in terms of styles and brands, and if you feel your work aligns, tag them, says Meyer. "Instagram has a built-in feature that allows you to easily blast your IG posts to Facebook and Twitter, too; you should do this with every post if you don't have the time to tend to Facebook and Twitter separately," suggests Nanson. Also, consider Instagram cross- promotions with local businesses that have brands and values that align with your business; this can expand your reach as they'll also be posting to their followers. "Don't underestimate the power of networking and connecting through this platform," says Seva. You never know what opportunities Instagram will bring you! (think: industry publications, brands, etc.) as well as location tags. "I've made numerous relationships with some of the leading hair brands through tagging," says Nanson. Or, if the photo or video is the result of a creative collaboration, Love suggests tagging all artists involved. "This is a great way to facilitate cross- promotion between each others' feeds, which will expand your reach," she says. Don't be tempted to spam- tag, warns Seva. "Be intentional and authentic in all that you do on social media or those brands you're spam-tagging will be completely turned off," she says. Also, don't forget to use tags in your Insta-Story. "When you tag somebody in an Insta-Story, they're notifi ed via a direct message in their Instagram inbox and you're essentially guaranteed to get their eyes on your post," Seva says. INSTA-INTERACTION "If you're truly serious about growing yourself on social, be sure to take a moment to start a conversation within your inbox and review and reply to comments—always!" Meyer asserts. "It's called social media for a reason, and if we want to turn followers into clients, we have to keep those conversations fl owing," Seva agrees. Nanson adds, "Responding to followers creates a relationship; it keeps them with you and brings all of your stats up." Think about the networking potential, too: By commenting on the feeds of other artists that you respect, you are expanding your reach within the industry. "You never know when someone will throw a referral your way because of how you've handled yourself on social platforms," says Meyer. POST FREQUENCY If you think a post a week will get the job done, you likely aren't seeing growth. Meyer puts it this way: "Responding to followers creates a relationship; it keeps them with you and brings all of your stats up." —COURTNEY NANSON Calls To Action

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