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16 | MASTER CLASS | AUGUST 2018 from time to time can humanize you and your salon staff to followers. "Sometimes the best pictures are those that are behind the scenes," Meyer says. "They can be very impactful and a refreshing change from the straight-on headshot." Also, breaking up your photo feed with video doesn't hurt, as long as the video gets your message across in under a minute. "I like videos for showing a how-to during the application process or behind the scenes of the salon so that prospective clients can get a feel for the salon's vibe and my workfl ow," Love says. Nanson agrees: "Videos are amazing to show a start-to-fi nish process. They show the full transformation every step of the way, which allows your audience access to how you work." If you feel slightly overwhelmed by the prospect of taking photos and shooting videos, Meyer shares this tip: "While taking pictures, don't be afraid to snap little videos during the shoot," she says, adding that you can save them to your phone and use them at a later date when you're in need of extra content. PHOTOS, STORIES OR LIVE? Instagram has expanded its tools, allowing you to use Instagram Stories for "throw away" videos that disappear after 24 hours and Instagram Live for real-time streaming video. When should you use each? "The photos you share to the feed need to be well curated and polished, but on your Insta-Story you get to let your hair down," says Seva. "Remember, clients stay for our personalities and your Stories is where you can showcase your personality in a big way." Since an Instagram Story is ephemeral, she recommends using it as a test ground for fun content and seeing how followers respond. But be careful, warns Meyer: Just because your Stories disappear doesn't mean people forget what you post. "Remember to keep it professional; what happens on Instagram doesn't always stay on Instagram!" she says. As for Instagram Live, only use the feature for content that truly lends itself to being in the moment such as a class you're attending or hosting, a big announcement or a tutorial. "You can even pre-schedule a weekly or monthly Q&A and invite your clients to watch and learn awesome hairstyling and care tips," suggests Seva. HARNESSING HASHTAGS AND TAGGING Think of hashtags as search terms: They connect prospective and current followers searching for what you're posting. Be concise, check your spelling, and above all, be strategic. "Spend some time doing a little research," says Seva. "Search local hashtags in your area and see which ones are being used weekly and how they're performing on others' feeds." Also, tailor your hashtags to the audience you want to attract. Seva shares this example: Using industry hashtags like #beautylaunchpad will put your post in front of other industry professionals and may get you featured in magazines and myriad social channels, but it won't necessarily put clients in your chair. Love even recommends creating your own customized hashtag and letting followers know about it, but remember to not be too spam-like or overly cutesy with hashtags. "The common mistake people make is overuse of irrelevant hashtags," Meyer laments. Not only will you not net new followers, but also you might lose current ones. When tagging, you'll want to tag more than simply your client in the photo, but also whomever you want to see your photos Grid Dynamics When a person visits your Instagram page, the fi rst thing she'll see is your grid: all of your posts laid out in a 3x4 format. You want it clean with a great fl ow; after all, it's your portfolio! "It's easy enough to post one gorgeous shot that looks great on it's own, but because each post is part of a large puzzle, we have to always keep the grid as a whole in mind," says Seva. Here, she shares her grid tips. BE CONSISTENT. You've determined your brand aesthetic, so be sure that your photos and videos refl ect this across the board. This helps with the fl ow and cleanliness of your grid, too. THINK OF THE GRID FIRST. Before posting, take a look at your last few posts to discern what will fi t in the existing grid. DELAY IF NEED BE. If a timely post messes with the grid aesthetic, save it until it works. GETTY IMAGES

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