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AUGUST 2018 | MASTER CLASS | 15 GETTY IMAGES DISCOVER YOUR AUDIENCE AND BRAND First things fi rst: Scrap the idea that there's an easy, cookie-cutter path to Instagram greatness, says Britt Seva, a social media and marketing strategist for hairstylists and creator of Thrivers Society Online Course. "I think a lot of the frustration with Instagram comes because we spend hours scrolling other successful salons' or stylists' feeds, and while that can be inspiring, it really is irrelevant when it comes to what you should be posting," she says. Instead, Seva recommends discovering your target market and determining what messaging speaks to it. Ask yourself: Who do you want in your chair? And while you should stay true to yourself, says Adrianne Meyer, social media strategist for Sam Villa, your professional feed really should cater to the whims of your followers. "I never forget that my Instagram is meant to entertain my audience; it's not a personal blog of my favorite things," says Seva. Speaking of personal: Your feed should look and feel professional, but that doesn't mean you have to banish personality completely. "Sharing small bits of your personal life makes followers feel closer to you and that can be a good thing, but you also don't want to dilute your goal of attracting clients that need their hair done," argues Meyer. "If you really struggle with separating the two, then create two pages." POSTING WITH A PLAN Slapping up a bunch of photos that lack cohesion or don't tell your brand story can sink your Instagram "likes" and tank your growth. "I always refer to Instagram as a stylist's or salon owner's online brochure," says Seva. "You need to think of each post as a piece of that marketing story." Larisa Love, Joico brand ambassador and owner of Larisa Love Salon in Studio City, California, adds, "Every piece of content you post should have a purpose and work toward communicating who you are, what you're about, and what you have to offer." To that end, always have a goal in mind. "This helps you develop your own personal style on your page, as well as keep you focused on content for better results. And you should have all this in mind before you even take a picture," says Meyer. For individual stylists, assess your objectives: You want to attract new clients to your chair, or if you're an educator, students to your classes. "All posts should showcase what a potential client would get to experience," says Seva. Salons can take a different approach. "Salon posts should have two aims: Attract clients to the business and showcase the amazing team and atmosphere," says Seva. "Even in a booth rental environment, today's top stylists want to be a part of an awesome and energetic salon culture, so that needs to shine through in the Instagram feed if the salon hopes to attract the best and brightest stylists to its team." If your goal is turning followers into clients, posts should always contain a call to action as well as conjure up a little FOMO. "The most successful Instagram users are able to spark a conversation, create an emotional reaction, or even just give a follower the 'I-want-that' vibe, which naturally creates the engagement all hairstylists crave," Seva says. THE RIGHT VISUALS "Think about how a guest's face shape and natural coloring determine how we formulate color or execute a cut," says Seva. Now, use that same critical thinking to craft impactful photographs. Choose a clean backdrop; crowded or colorful backgrounds can be a distraction, but if you truly feel your salon needs more visual representation, Meyer says a backdrop with your logo works, too. Invest in a ring light or box light for exceptional lighting, or use natural lighting if the sun's on your side. Be sure to pay attention to the placement of the lighting, says Los Angeles-based celebrity hairstylist Courtney Nanson. "You don't want shadows to create dark, fl at spaces in your haircut or color design," she explains. Composition and proper framing also play key roles in attracting eyeballs, and don't forget about your clients' best angles. "Ask them what their best angle is so you can capture them at their most attractive," Meyer says. "After all, they're like your virtual business card!" Always focus on what's interesting about a cut, color or style. "No one wants to see the front of an updo if all the drama is in the back," Meyer points out. But do steer away from soley focusing on the backs of heads. "Haircuts especially are best captured from the front," says Nanson. "You want to see the client's face and how the style complements it." She notes that when eyes and smiles are involved in images, followers are more apt to engage. Also, don't stop snapping until you feel comfortable. For Love, an abundance of images provides options— and insurance. "I take a thousand photos and videos just to make sure I get something I like that looks good," she laughs. TO EDIT OR NOT TO EDIT? As for photo-editing apps, proceed with caution. "Filters are awesome for lifestyle bloggers where creating a palette of similar tones is crucial, but in our industry it's all about being authentic," says Seva. Pros agree that photo-editing tools can be useful to brighten a dark photo, but total manipulation is a no-no. "You don't want to falsely advertise yourself and your work," notes Nanson. Just be sure that your imagery falls consistently within your branding; this allows your Instagram grid to truly act as your portfolio or résumé to followers and prospective clients. "When we get walk-ins at the salon, they almost always ask for our stylists' Instagram pages to look through their work and make a decision on who they'd like to book," Love shares. FEED GOALS As for what your feed should show, that boils down to your brand objectives. However, throwing in a few candid shots "Salon posts should have two aims: Attract clients to the business and showcase the amazing team and atmosphere." —BRITT SEVA

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