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88 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | AUGUST 2018 he main cause of thinning hair is genetic predisposition," says Michelle Blaisure, Bosley Professional Strength product and technical specialist and certifi ed trichologist. "In other words, you inherit genes that are responsible for hair growth on top in the hairline area. About 60 to 70 percent of men will thin by age 60; approximately 20 percent of women inherit this gene as well, but the majority of females are prone to hair loss due to nongenetic factors." DIET AND LIFESTYLE Eating a variety of nutrient-rich foods like probiotics, vegetables and healthy fats helps populate the gut with good microbes, which is the key to optimal hair health, says Blaisure. She recommends the 20/80 rule, which consists of eating good whole foods 80 percent of the time, then your body can handle the processed and fast foods the other 20 percent. "Take a good multivitamin to make sure you are getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals such as B12 and vitamin D, which many people are low in, along with zinc and magnesium," explains Blaisure. "Eat wild-caught salmon and grass-fed beef at least once or twice a week to get good omega-3 fats in your diet. Fish oil is another good option, along with fl axseed oil, if one is a vegetarian." Other lifestyle choices that can be recommended to clients with thinning hair include getting enough sleep and reducing stress. "Most people need seven to eight hours of sleep," says Blaisure. "I talk to so many moms who are sacrifi cing sleep to try and keep everything going, and their mind and body pay the price. Stress is also a known cause of hair loss for women, and that may be reduced by simply going for a walk, listening to music, reading an engaging book or watching a TV show for 30 minutes without interruption." BEST BEAUTY PRACTICES Use products designed for scalp health and thinning hair, as they are formulated differently than traditional hair products. "It's also essential to shampoo at least once a week, as the scalp microbiome can get out of balance and that's when we start seeing more scalp disorders," says Blaisure. "Opt for a thinning hair cleanser to remove any buildup and to create an optimal environment for healthy hair to grow." She advises treating the hair gently when blow- drying and styling as fragile hair gets damaged and easily breaks. "When hair starts to thin, it's important to address it early as it's easier to keep it than to get it back," she explains. "Give hair a rest from extensions, tight ponytails, braids and weaves periodically, as all that stress on the hair may weaken it and lead to follicular damage—and in some cases, permanent hair loss." Dr. Roberta Del Campo, a dermatologist in Miami, shares important facts about and tips for treating clients with thinning hair. GENETIC HAIR THINNING occurs due to the progressive miniaturization of follicles. Eventually, the follicle stem cells stop producing hair and transform themselves into newly dividing skin cells. MAKE THE CORRECT DIAGNOSIS. Evaluate the scalp carefully before you heavily exfoliate! INSTRUCT YOUR CLIENT to change his or her grooming habits if there are signs of hair loss with damage due to breakage. PRO TIPS GETTY IMAGES CONTINUE FOR POWERFUL THINNING HAIR SOLUTIONS >> MANY SUPPLEMENTS CONTAIN ESSENTIAL VITAMINS THAT HELP HAIR GROW THICKER AND FASTER.

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