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IN-SALON TREATMENT Step 1: Prepare hair for 40 minutes with Crystal Gel treatment (under heat) to remove minerals and other impurities, ensuring a clean canvas for color application. Step 2: Rinse off Crystal Gel with Un Do Goo shampoo, then apply a custom color mask to guarantee vibrant and true-to-tone color results. For this shade, the Concentr8 Colour Masque featured a combination of the activated Concentr8 Colour Primary Red and Yellow. Individual pigment packets are activated with 3 oz. of water. Step 3: Once the pigments are activated, mix Yellow into the mask until it achieves the hue of a lemon peel. Step 4: Then, mix in two drops of the activated Red along with the Yellow to impart the desired copper shade. Step 5: Apply mask to damp hair for 15 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Create a hybrid color treatment that enhances and brightens previously existing tones. The model's previous color was uneven and dull, but she wanted to remain in the same color range. AT-HOME MAINTENANCE For the model's custom anti-diversion color maintenance regimen, the Volume Colour Infusion Pack was customized with the same pigment formula that was used in the color application. Customizing the maintenance program allows the client to maintain the service that was performed in the salon without altering the integrity of the color. OPPOSITE PAGE: COLORIST: AMY SPENCER; STYLIST: ANTHONY BARNHILL; MAKEUP ARTIST: SAVANNAH MILNER; PHOTOGRAPHER: CORY SORENSEN; MODEL: JAYDN MEIER Goal Malibu C Concentr8 Colour Infusion Packs feature a custom color formula, created by you in the salon, for clients to take home and use along with their prescribed regimen according to hair concern (for volumizing , revitalizing or texture-enhancing). Take Note!

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