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COURTESY OF JOHN PAUL MITCHELL SYSTEMS Do blondes really have more fun? While we can neither confi rm nor deny, we can say that there are limitless options for those seeking to brighten their hue—from icy blonde and golden platinum to strawberry blonde and beyond. We've compiled the most on-trend blonding techniques so that your fl axen clients can look positively effervescent no matter the season. -KK Blonde Brigade Simply Sultry ★ John Paul Mitchell Systems artist Jenn Montoya shares her formula for this gorgeous blonde shade, which features peekaboo babylights for an organic-looking effect. @paulmitchellus PRE-LIGHTEN FOILS 1 scoop SynchroLift + 2oz. (60g. /ml.) 10-vol. Cream Developer TEASY HIGHLIGHTS 1 scoop SynchroLift + 2oz. (60g./ml.) 5-vol. Cream Developer 1 Begin at the front hairline with a fi ne diagonal weave. Lightly paint the 10- vol. mixture in the foil and feather up to the base. Place approximately four foils near the hairline, then take a slice to backcomb. Tease this section a few times and paint the 5-vol. mixture in a foil. 2 Continue the pattern of two babylights and one teasy highlight until you reach the center back. Move to the other hairline and repeat. 3 Move to the top and begin at the front right hairline. Take a diagonal back weave and place four fi ne babylights with the 10-vol. mixture and one teasy highlight with the 5-vol. mixture. Repeat the pattern of two babylights and one teasy highlight until you reach the apex. Repeat again on the other side of the top. 4 In the crown, take diagonal sections and alternate babylights and teasy highlights. 5 Remove foils and using a wide- tooth comb, gently remove/loosen the teased areas. Rinse well. REFINEMENT BASE SHIFT 1oz. (30g./ml.) the color XG UTPN (UTPN/86) + 1.5oz. (45g./ml.) 10-vol. Cream Developer SANDY TONE 1oz. (30g./ml.) Flash Finish Pale Neutral + 1oz. (30g./ml.) 5-vol. Cream Developer 1 Mix and quickly apply the base formula to the natural base to give a subtle base bump. Begin in the crown (naturally darkest) and move toward the hairline (naturally lightest). 2 Rinse well and shampoo. Towel-dry. Apply the sandy tone Flash Finish formula for 5-10 minutes. 3 Complete by rinsing with Forever Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner. 56 The Colorist | AUGUST 2018 |

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