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AUGUST 2018 | | 45 A ll too often, and quite unfortunately, cosmetology isn't encouraged as a profession for prep school grads. "Ask 100 stylists how many were told not to enter this industry, and nearly all will raise their hands," laments Phil Horvath, president and CEO of Ratner Companies. "But ask the same group how many have found their calling and love what they do, and your positive response rate will be sky-high." To offer students opportunities at the get-go and save them from becoming future beauty school dropouts, Ratner partnered with the Beauty Changes Lives (BCL) Foundation to launch this year's Passion and Purpose Scholarship. "True to its name, the scholarship celebrates those dual qualities—passion and purpose—that defi ne the careers of most professional hairstylists," explains Lynelle Lynch, president of BCL. Representing nearly 1,000 salons in 16 states, Ratner has long backed professional stylists. Their new initiative expands that reach, helping novices prepare to enter the working world. All new or currently enrolled students who have completed less than half of their cosmetology programs at an accredited institution are eligible to apply. "Our aim is to provide pupils the fi nancial support they need to graduate with a sense of purpose, ready to achieve success as they share their craft with guests," Horvath explains. Recipients are urged to continuously seek expanding levels of excellence in technical profi ciency, client relationships and business performance. In her application video, 2018 winner Jamara Lark of Bellus Academy in San Diego described hairstylists as powerful change agents that are able to shift a client's mood, day, and even self-perception. As beauty trends continue to evolve, stylists' careers will also have to keep pace—and that's part of what makes this program so valuable. "The Passion and Purpose Scholarship is benefi cial because it helps me with the fi nancial side of my dream," shares Lark. "Being able to put money toward my cosmetology school loans is a relief, and it confi rms that the time sacrifi ced away from my husband and baby are worth it, since I know one day I'll be working in my dream career." Live & Learn/ Giving Back Passion and Purpose Two industry powerhouses join forces to change the lives of beauty students. —FM What: Eight tuition scholarships awarded to cosmetology students annually How Much: Each scholarship totals $3,125 in tuition How Many: Five winners per round Application Type: Inspiration board, essay or video Application Dates: August 1 – September 15 TOP TO BOTTOM: COURTESY OF RATNER; COURTESY OF BEAUTY CHANGES LIVES; COURTESY OF JAMARA LARK NEED TO KNOW "As a purpose-driven organization, our goal is to help salon pros earn a better living so they can serve as proud members of our beauty industry," says Phil Horvath, president and CEO of Ratner Companies. "Ratner has cultivated a reputation for excellence, and we're honored to welcome them into our elite coalition of Beauty Changes Lives (BCL) brands committed to supporting the next industry leaders," enthuses Lynelle Lynch, BCL president. "I love that there's a scholarship geared toward beauty," shares recipient Jamara Lark. "It proves that some companies believe beauty truly can change lives."

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