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112 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | AUGUST 2018 News —EMILIE BRANCH HAIR: VIVIENNE MACKINDER, JOICO GUEST ARTISTIC DIRECTOR; COLOR FORMULATION: GION VINCENT, JOICO GUEST ARTIST; PHOTOGRAPHY: LINDSEY MACKINNON; MAKEUP: JAIME HERNÁNDEZ AND JORGE MORALES; GOWNS: THE AMSALE GROUP AND MALAN BRETON Inspiration: A wedding can transport you anywhere—and the same goes for a bridal look. In this collection, a bride's location acts as a metaphor, from the cool girl in Manhattan, New York to the chic sophisticate in Paris. A city is more than a city: It's a style and a way of life. VISIONS OF LOVE by Vivienne Mackinder, Joico guest artistic director ÆTHE LONDON Tease at the roots to impart volume, pushing hair in front into a side sweep. Fold hair at the back into a 1950s-esque full bob and pull strands apart to create a relaxed take on the bouffant. ÇTHE SEVILLA Trade off between fl at ironing and curling locks to create diverse texture. Section hair, keeping one-fourth up and three-fourths down, twisting at the occipital and pulling apart for a relaxed romanticism that is perfect for this undone Sevilla bride. ÆTHE VIENNA To create the classic feminine look associated with Vienna, place a hair pad at the crown for full volume. Twist hair in a push-pull motion into coils to craft even more body, and add in soft beach curls beginning at the nape. ÅTHE MANHATTAN The New York bride is contemporary and chic. To get this look, tease the crown while twisting a ponytail into beach curls. Divide hair into a half-up, half- down style, creating a bouffant through back-combing. Shake out hair to relax the texture, and apply hairspray for hold.

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