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110 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | AUGUST 2018 ACHIEVE LASTING SUCCESS. SAM VILLA, Redken global artistic ambassador @samvillahair "Success is like a butterfl y. The more you chase it, the more it eludes you. But focus on the job at hand and it will land softly on your shoulder. Stylists are tasked fi rst and foremost to stand behind the chair with purpose and intent for every client. Having a bad day? Leave your gripes at the door. You owe each guest 100 percent of your skill set, knowledge, energy and focus. I've long embraced these words someone once shared with me: You have two ears and one mouth, so listen more than you comment. The way for any young stylist to become accomplished is by sharpening auditory skills. 'My hairdresser didn't listen to me' is the main complaint I still hear from customers. Enduring success starts with education, so register for business courses—and pay attention while in class! It also means fi nding the right salon rather than job hopping. I tell novices to sit for one hour in the reception area of a salon they think they'd like to join. Pay attention to how the receptionist speaks to clients on the phone. Listen to how stylists communicate. Observe how everything works together: Is this a well-oiled machine? Do you believe in the work they're producing? Be honest when asking yourself if it's a place you want to be part of." RETAIL LIKE A ROCK STAR. NICK ARROJO, founder and owner of Arrojo Studio and products @nickarrojo "Industry statistics prove that stylists with top retail numbers also have the best rates for referrals and returns—there's a reason for that. If you're retailing to your client, it indicates the client trusts you and your professional opinion. Learn to position yourself as your clients' go-to beauty expert and your relationship will be cast in stone. Unfortunately, too many stylists have a haughty attitude when it comes to selling. 'I'm a creative, not a salesperson' is often the line I hear. It's an unprofessional attitude that needs changing. Haircare is a billion dollar business. Clients are buying products somewhere, and shouldn't it be from you— the expert with fi rsthand experience of that individual's hair type and needs? Take pride in your work, then recommend your client use the products that will enhance it every day. And stick to one or two—three, at most—product lines. By building a strong relationship with just a few manufacturers, you open the door to a world of educational and inspirational opportunities for your team. At Arrojo, we've created our own 12 Step Retail Training Wheel, which breaks down selling into an organic process anyone can follow. From greeting to consultation to cutting to styling, it's designed to steer client conversations toward retail purchases, without ever being a hard sell. In the fi nal steps, we note the value and importance of educating clients not only on what product to use, but also how to use it. So the client gets a bonus styling lesson that adds to her salon experience. We teach this to our own team, share it with Arrojo ambassadors, and even offer a Retail Success Seminar as a one-day class at New York's Arrojo Academy." COURTESY OF INDIVIDUALS

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