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AUGUST 2018 | | 103 UNDERSTAND THEIR MENTALITY Often a drastic chop or color switch aligns with something deeper going on in the person's life. "As hairstylists, we do a lot of things: We cut, we color and we're also image consultants," says Rodney Cutler (@cutlersalon), Redken brand ambassador and owner of various Cutler Salon locations in New York. "When we introduce change, it's not just about aesthetics; it's about also knowing that this is the right time to do it." "During the consultation, I always ask, 'Why?'" adds David Adams (@davidadamssalon), Aveda colorist and co-owner of Fourteenjay Salon in New York City. "We as humans usually want to make a drastic change when something drastic has happened in our lives—like a divorce or job loss. The hairstylist's job is to fi gure out, 'Is my client psychologically prepared for the change?'" Think of this as the discovery portion of the consultation: You're fi guring out her motivations. "To me, their reason should be more than a whim because a drastic change is a process they'll have to live with for awhile," Adams says. ASK, LISTEN AND DISCERN What if you disagree with your client? You're the expert, right? Yes, says Cutler, but this idea can often be abused because some clients put blind faith in a reputable salon simply because it's well-known. "They trust without even knowing the stylist," says Cutler. "They'll ask, 'What would you (the stylist) do?' I never answer this question because the decision should be based on who they are." He calls it the "I am" theory: The consultation needs to shift from the expert telling the client what they believe should be done, We live in a world where, for the most part, we believe that change is good. But drastic changes? Those can be great, OK or downright bad— especially when dealing with hair. How you guide clients who request a massive haircut or color change determines whether they leave your salon satisfi ed or regretful. Here, industry pros lend their expertise on how to best advise your clients through their 180-degree hair makeovers. Counseling clients through a radical cut or color change takes tons of finesse—and even more listening. by KARIE L. FROST

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